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Advertising LED displays are usually used to showcase goods, service, promotion, and events information to passers-by and viewers with both indoor LED display and outdoor LED displays. It is vivid colors, sharp and bright images on the LED display, and the information of advertised goods, service, promotion and events will be strongly highlighted and attractive to people with its best advantage.

    Outdoor Advertising LED Display

    Outdoor advertising LED display features low power consumption, brightnessand sharp images to capture the attention of passers-by with compelling video andpromotions that highlight your product.

    Indoor Commercial LED Display

    The unparalleled brightness and contrast ratio allows our indoor commercialLED screen to become the main focus of people’s attention to anyone walking-by. The indoor commercial LED displays offer sharp images, low power consumption and deep colors.

System Diagram


    1. Efficient exhaust fan and design todissipate heat

    2. Uniform color and high contrast ensureclear and sharp images

    3. Tough and strong, the LED displaywon’t easily deform or warp over time

    4. Stable signal and power supplyprolong the LED display’s lifespan

    5. Low power consumption reducesoperation costs

    6. High ingress protectiongrade of IP65 for outdoor LED screen waterproof and dustproof

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